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Peaknology玻璃量杯 (12個)

Peaknology玻璃量杯 (12個)


Peaknology玻璃量杯 x 12個

測量單位︰mL / oz. / Tbs.

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    Three types of measurement/三種刻度︰

    • mL   可量 10 mL - 120 mL
    • oz.    可量 0.5 oz. - 4.0 oz.
    • Tbs.  可量 3 Tbs. - 24 Tbs.


    備註: 以上產品規格僅供參考, 若有變更不另行通知, 如需最新資料, 請聯絡原廠.

    Please be advised that the above are standard product specification for reference only. They are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the manufacturer of a specific product for the most-up-date information.

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